GMAC changes GMAT 2018

GMAC changes GMAT 2018! What’s New in GMAT Syllabus, New GMAT Exam Format, and Patterns for 2018!

New GMAT exam format and pattern for 2018 – 2019 is changed! GMAC overhauled the GMAT once again to make it more applicants friendly.  The new changes included in the 2018 GMAT exam are effective from April 16, 2018. Applicants can relax that GMAC reduced the duration of the exam to 3.5 hours by reducing the number of questions in GMAT Verbal and Quant sections. This includes a 23-minute reduction in the exam sections, and additional time reduction in several non-exam screens like Tutorial and, Section Instructions.

New GMAT Exam Format and Patterns for 2018

The Quantitative section of the GMAT will be shorter by 13 minutes and Verbal Reasoning sections of the GMAT exam will be shorter 10 minutes. Check the following table for the new section structure:

GMAT Old Pattern vs. New Pattern GMAT Old Structure GMAT New Structure 2018
GMAT Exam Section Number of Questions Section Duration Number of Questions Section Duration
Quantitative Reasoning 37 75 minutes 31 62 minutes
Verbal Reasoning 41 75 minutes 36 65 minutes

The other sections of the GMAT i.e. The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) and Integrated Reasoning (IR) sections of the exam, the optional break times, and the Score Preview time will remain unchanged.

Now see the GMAT Exam tutorials online!

The Exam tutorial is available online at

Will the scoring be affected by the new GMAT 2018 changes?

Scoring will not be affected due to these new changes since the number of scored questions and the scoring algorithm will continue same as in the old GMAT. GMAC made the GMAT shorter by decreasing the number of un-scored questions that they use for researching the test.

How to reschedule GMAT exam to benefit the new GMAT changes?

The changes are going to be in effect from April 16, 2018, or later scheduled GMAT exams. And if you want to reschedule your GMAT exam you can do that without any hassles. GMAC is giving you a reschedule fee waiver of $10 if you can send the request on or before April 11, 2018, if your exam is scheduled for on or before May 06, 2018. Note that request GMAC receives after April 11, 2018, and exams scheduled after May 6, 2018, will not be eligible for the fee waiver.


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