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    Psilocybe mexicana is a species of psilocybin mushroom with a remarkable cultural background. Its initial recognized use was by the indigenous peoples of North and also Central America over 2,000 years back. The Aztecs utilized it as a spiritual sacrament and also called it teotlnanácatl, which is made up of the Nahuatl words teotl (“god”) as well as nanácatl (“flesh”). So teotlnanácatl methods “flesh of the gods”. The first thing to note is that Psilocybe mexicana expands in the wild. So if you intend to head out and also choose them in nature (rather than purchasing them from somebody), after that you need to recognize what they appear like. You need to recognize where it grows if you desire to successfully locate Psilocybe mexicana in nature. This means knowing both the sort of habitat as well as the countries they expand in.Psilocybe mexicana expands alone or in small teams amongst moss along roadsides and also tracks, in damp fields or cornfields, and particularly, in the grassy locations bordering deciduous woodlands. It is common at altitudes in between 300-505 meters, and also rare in reduced elevations.Psilocybe mexicana can look similar to various other species from the genus of Psilocybe, such as Psilocybe azurescens as well as Psilocybe semlianceata (liberty caps). Nonetheless, it’s easy to tell them apart based on the country you’re in. psilocybe mexicana is in the team of psilocybin mushrooms (which likewise include Psilocybe tampanensis) that are known to generate sclerotia.The sclerotia of these species are additionally called truffles, although this is an organic misnomer. Psilocybe mexicana’s recommended habitat is, as we have seen, manure-rich grassland. This is why Paul Stamets has called these mushrooms the “Mexican liberty cap”, as the other liberty cap (Psilocybe semilanceata) also has a fondness for such atmospheres.

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