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    Leonotis Leonurus is a member of the mint household. Various other usual names are Wild Dagga or Lion’s Tail. It is a seasonal shrub native to southern Africa. Flowers are a red-orange shade and also grow in spikes, their appeal is the factor for being a favorite of many gardeners. Plants can grow up to nearly 2 meters, love dry soil and direct sunlight light. As Perennial outdoor plant it looks amazing combined with Lavander or fall blooming Salvias. It propagates by greenwood cuts in late spring or using seeds that, in temperate environments, have to be planted inside prior to the last frost or outdoors after the last frost. It si virtually bugs and also condition totally free. L. leonurus prefers cozy, completely dry climates and is drought-tolerant. It might expand in virtually any kind of warm environment consisting of hedge lands, meadows, and also swamp lands. It grows in California, Mediterranean environment locations past South Africa, and also has actually ended up being naturalized in Hawaii, Western Australia as well as New South Wales in Australia. In conventional African medicine, leaves and also roots of leonotis leonurus are an usual remedy for serpent bite and also used to ease the discomfort of other animal bites as well as hurts. The decoction of dried fallen leave or root enters bathroom, or straight as an outside wash to deal with itchy skin. Inside, the tea of the dried leaves is required to treat frustration, bronchitis, high blood pressure as well as the common cold. Relaxing, sedative as well as slightly blissful; the results approach a marijuana high, only lighter. Some people, smokes dry fallen leaves and also blossoms which are said to have numbing properties, causing a euphoric or tranquil feeling when smoked, which is the factor some call it Wild Dagga (‘wild cannabis’). Regardless of being reported to be similar to Cannabis, it’s not as associated neither potent by any means. It is one of the most reliable lawful herbal substitutes to smoking cigarettes cigarette or cannabis. Customers have reported to have actually experienced signs and symptoms of moderate excitement, visual impairment, wooziness as well as mood increase. Gather no more than one-third of the fallen leaves at once. Allow the plant grow and fill out for at least a month prior to collecting once again. In Africa a material is collected from the leaves. Plants that grow in less sizzling climates tend to exhibit little or no material. Leaves can either be smoked, or subjected to alcohol removal.

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