Year after year, MBA aspirants start their research this time round the year and the first step they all stumble upon is that they have to take an “entrance” test. While researching about the tests that should be taken, the two tests that top their search results are the GMAT and the CAT. While there is a clear distinction between the geographies that these two tests cater to, the acceptance of GMAT in the Indian B-school market has left many aspirants wonder which test to take.

Experts in the study abroad industry often contend that the GMAT is a better bid than the CAT is for various reasons. Here are the top 4 reasons why YOU, as an aspirant must prefer the GMAT over CAT.

Reason 01 – The number of aspirants and market trends

Holistically, it may seem that millions of people write the GMAT as it is a globalized test whereas the number is exponentially smaller because CAT still portrays itself a test that is very specific to India. However, little do we realize that ALL of these people who write the CAT are going to be your direct competitors while applying to the Indian B schools whereas the same is not the case with the GMAT as this number is spread across the globe. Also, factors such as scholarship, diversity, geographical preference and the like makes your competition lesser.

Also market trends have shown that there is a considerable decline in the number of GMAT test takers in the last year. This means that the arena with which you compete has reduced by a significant amount immediately and this translates directly to more opportunities.

Reason 02 – More opportunities to increase your score

The CAT is very analogous to a train. It has a specific departure time and once missed, you will need for the next train to come. It doesn’t give you the flexibility to improve the score within the time-frame you have as you will need to wait for a long time for the next D-day.

The GMAT on the other hand is very flexible as one can re-take the test with a gap of 16 calendar days between every attempt. In addition to this, features like score cancellation, re-instatement of scores and the like help you plan your application and your storyline very well that the only thing required would be adherence to the plan made. It is note that all this comes with a price, which is probably 5 times greater than the CAT is. However, the investment is worth it as we are all aware that for most of us, this phase is life-changing.

Reason 03 – Greater validity of the Score

The GMAT score is valid for 5 years from the date of taking the test, whereas the CAT score stands good only for a year and not more. This provides greater flexibility in the entire process and relieves the stress factor from the mind of the test taker.

This means that if you make up your mind to drop your MBA plans this year due to some other change in your dynamics, then you will not have to take the GMAT the next year when you apply. Imagine yourself running through the entire process one full time if  it were the CAT.

Reason 04 – Greater GMAT acceptance in India

Taking the CAT will definitely give you an entry into the majority of Indian B schools. Nevertheless the CAT is definitely an “Indian test” as far as the MBA arena is concerned.

It must be understood that year after year the number of Indian B schools accepting the GMAT is increasing. Almost all the top B schools that most Indian aspirants want to apply to accept the GMAT these days. In addition to this, taking the GMAT immediately multiplies the number of B schools you can apply to across the globe.

For Indian schools that accept the GMAT score, check this link below.


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