How to Grasp the GMAT Concepts in Two Months

– Adrija Kundu

The process of preparing for GMAT is very lengthy. This extensive process requires a detailed study of all question types. This exam is considered intense because various challenges fall in the path of the candidates. The nature of GMAT preparation involves a great deal of focus, devotion and a lengthy time period.

What is the ideal time of registering?

For registering, it is ideal to get the process completed at the earliest. The duration can be between 6 months to a day prior to your scheduled test date, in case you’re registering online or phone. In case of registration by mail, it is necessary to get hand on the scheduling form latest 10 days of the scheduled date. As properly preparing for one’s GMAT ideally takes 3 months, it is wise to register 2-3 months to receive your preferred location, date and time.

In case you’re looking for GMAT preparation within two months, you must be someone

  • who is able to avail a scope of work from home or can rearrange their work schedule
  • who is an expert with the fundamental concepts and need to work on the advanced concepts
  • who know the due dates for submission of application and understands how missing on filling the application can affect a whole year.

Who is ideal for this plan?

  • The practicality of the plan works best for students still attending college or a professional with at least work experience of 4 years.
  • An applicant who can assign 4-5 hours for study time per day for GMAT. It is crucial to invest a significant amount of time for the preparation.

On an average 250 hours is the required time to learn the basic concepts. Additional 100 hours should be incorporated in the revision of these concepts. Continuous practice develops greater confidence in the applicant to face the question curveballs of GMAT. This provides calmness in the tough hours of taking the exam.

How to make yourself GMAT ready?

Mock tests are considered to be an important segment of preparation. This test not only helps you to be ready to face the question patterns, analysing your errors becomes easier and negates the chances of repeating same mistakes. Multiple mock tests help with rectification of error and ultimately banishing it in the next test. Thorough preparations of both basic and advanced concepts are vital for boosting your confidence.

Where to focus when preparing for GMAT?

When facing weakness with any component of GMAT, Verbal or Quant, the best possible way to grasp the concept is to study it for a fortnight, concurrently keep practising the other concept. Keeping track of both Verbal and Quant becomes easy and the concepts easier.

When preparing the study chart, one must involve all questions that help in testing various concepts of GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal. This readies the applicant to solve DS, PS, RC, SC and CR questions daily. Switching between concepts and question types becomes easier through this process. One should continue taking mock tests till they are absolutely ready for taking the Test.

Why focusing on mock test is important for GMAT?

The first vital step in GMAT preparation is clear knowledge and grasp over the basic and advanced concepts. The performances of students ranging from good to bad in all types of question can be solved with focus on basic concepts and moving to the advanced queries.

Mock test help you to revise your preparation time and again, rectifying the errors you’re making and gradually revising them. These preparatory tests help in understanding time management for the original test as well. These tests also boost confidence and increase your chance to score better. With this you can evaluate when you’re absolutely ready to take the test and leaves time for you to arrange the test for a later date if need be.

GMAT is one of the important professional tests; it can be a heavy task preparing for it on your own. At times one might feel to seek some advice from the pros for when you cannot decide on your own.

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