GMAT exams

– Anany Bordoloi

GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. It is one of the most reliable entrance tests for quality business programs offered by eminent and reputed business schools worldwide. It is a computer adaptive test which includes critical thinking, analytical writing abilities, English language skills, problem solving abilities through its verbal reasoning, quantitative aptitude sections.

Advice for test preparation

  • Smart study for the best GMAT: The studying for the GMAT exam requires only planning and preparations. It also requires proper understanding the questions in the test which will show your abilities.
  • Tips and strategies for GMAT preparation: Need to prepare a proper schedule for practice and time management. These tips will help regulate the proper path.
  • GMAT preparation tips shared by students: Proper time putting, dedication, determination is the key to the succession in the GMAT exams. Preparation of a well study plan helps in scoring as per expectations.

The GMAT score is used as admission prerequisite for graduate in management and business programs like MBA.

It is divided into three difficulty levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced.

GMAT test pattern:

Section Duration in minutes Number of questions
Analytical writing assessment 30 1 essay
Integrated reasoning 30 12
Quantitative 75 37
Verbal 75 41

In GMAT the first ten questions of quantitative and verbal are most important. If the first ten questions are answered correctly it will set a specification of difficulty level and increase the score or vice versa.

According to the experienced, the correct answering of the first ten questions will accumulate the chances to score above 600+.

If there is more wrong answering in the first ten questions, then it will barricade the way to score 600+ GMAT scores. It will reduce the difficulty level of questions asked and for this reason it will also create an obstacle in the scores graph.

If the first 2 or 3 questions are answered correctly, then according to the test algorithm a difficulty level is established. But from question 4 onwards if wrong answers are established, it will have a knock on the verbal and quantitative that is obtained in the total score. For that reason you won’t be able to score the aimed result though you are answering correctly the later part of the test.

Few tips while answering the first 10 questions:

  • No hurry: The main necessity for the GMAT test is speed. But at least 25 minutes are required to solve the first few questions altogether.
  • Be peaceful and calm: We should be calm and focus our mind with quite patience while attempting the questions.
  • Be attentive and aware: Be alert while clicking the answer though you’re quite smart in solving the questions with short techniques and methods.
  • Write down the problem first: The important thing is to write down the question before then begin resolving the problem.

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